”The barbarians are not at the gates, they are running amok in the streets”. 400 years of humanistic and liberal, intellectual and scientific progress is under siege by Postmodern feeble-minds and self-righteous authoritarian zealots. The vehicle of choice is the irrational hypothesis of Critical Theory that not only permeates parts of academia, framed as ”Grievance Studies”, but is also metatstasizing into different parts of the Swedish civil society. We recognize it as state ideology, inane new laws and now as a stupefying cult with the objective to pervade the health care system – Critical Dietetics.

For researchers within the fields of sociology, societal psychology, anthropology of religion, etc, the instigation of Nordic Critical Dietetics is a golden opportunity to study the speedy acceptance and rise of an extraordinary teaching within a well defined and homogenous target group of dietitians. Also, an mitigant for such undertaking seems to be the simplistic and accessible take on Critical Theory that has been embraced by the followers. There is no attempt to assuage the political mission, palliate extreme positions or conceal counter factual convictions. If it is a consequence of brimming complacency or lack of comprehension is yet to be discerned

This website is set up in order to scrutinize this development as close as possible, and information will be disclosed underway. The English language will be choosen when possible, due to the international interest and widely appreciated contributions written in this idiom.